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sumaipon whispered: I hate you


sumaipon whispered: tv tokyo's on to you
sumaipon whispered: police sirens


DMMd episode 4
Koujaku and Noiz fight

Since my original video was taken down, here’s a re-upload.

Oh it’s on now YouTube

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glindur whispered: yeah I know it wasn't rape, but just the way aoba tried to open up to him about his anxiety and then noiz responded by fucking "punishing" him or whatever and manipulating him into freaking out and losing his shit because he felt so insecure and scared pissed me off. that's so manipulative jesus christ.


It is, I wasn’t denying that.

I do love the dynamic between Noiz and Aoba, and I still like the ReCon route, but yeah that version of the sex scene is just something people need to be aware of. That is not how healthy sexual relationships work and Noiz needs to be held accountable for being a giant dickhole during that. 

Also for the love of god everyone please don’t consider that a healthy representation of BDSM because good lord it’s not whatsoever and I have literally seen people refer to it as such and I’m just like “please god no stop shut your airhole”.

As a very active member of my local BDSM community I have shown that scene to many of my friends. While we all agree that Noiz was a giant dickhole and that what he did was fucked up, just about everyone has agreed that it was still hot as hell.

Why did this take so long to become a thing?


the trash twins are too handsome for their own good

The Jellyfish song isn’t Clear’s only song

For a second I through he was having a stroke